Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

What we do

Gail and I have been full-time in our role at Beautiful Feet as directors of mobilization since January of 2014 and have seen such exciting growth in our own understanding of Jesus and in the mobilization activity of Beautiful Feet. But what exactly do we do?

Most who say they’ve heard a personal call to missions never make it to the field. Of those who do go, about 80% go to Christian areas! Regardless of where they go, over half will leave the field before seven years. This is not okay! Most just need help and understanding as they struggle to make the transition in thinking and lifestyle from “regular joe” to career missionary—we can help with that! With solid training, missionaries will not only make more informed choices as to where they go but will also be equipped to establish well and see their task through to completion.

Our intention is to build pastoring relationships with future missionaries so we can help them navigate the obstacles that arise when considering a life in long-term, cross-cultural missions. We guide them to choices and resources which can help form their perspective and guide their direction as they follow Jesus to the nations.

Nomads, retreats and personal campus visits provide space for future missionaries to engage the Spirit in a scenic, peaceful environment and gives us the opportunity to interact in person. We also travel to spend time with people at their church, college or community group whenever possible. This hands-on approach enables us to hear their stories and help them overcome obstacles which invariably arise when committing oneself to cross-cultural ministry.

Gail and I and our staff each have pastoring relationships with future missionaries and we all take turns representing Beautiful Feet to groups and at events.

Darrel handles email inquiries from the website, heads up the social media presence of Beautiful Feet across multiple channels (FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube, Pinterest) and assists in creating electronic and print media. Darrel also oversees the tech needs for Nomads and assists with regular campus tech needs.

Gail is the lead coordinator for our on-campus mobilization events, like retreats and Nomads—where she oversees 18 subgroups, each heading up a specific aspect of the weekend as we feed, educate, motivate and entertain 200-300 guests, volunteers, staff and missionaries.

Because we desire intimate, personal training with our Beautiful Feet Boot Camp students, we aim to see 8 to 15 individuals in Boot Camp each year.

To broaden our referral sources through establishing new and strengthening current relationships with ministry leaders in churches, colleges and Perspectives classes, so that they will be better able and more likely to refer future missionaries to us as we seek to be a resource for them.

Our aim is to help establish regular activities and functions of the mobilization department and develop staff able to maintain and innovate this multi-faceted ministry. This will be accomplished through organized and understood internal processes and shared resources and knowledge, communicated regularly and stored centrally.

South of downtown OKC is Valley Brook, a tiny community significantly effected by abuse, poverty, addiction, systemic injustice, the sex industry and homelessness. In addition to our role at Beautiful Feet, we serve this community as we’re able through the Joe’s Addiction coffee shop, owned by Jamie Zumwalt and a church planted by John and Jamie Zumwalt which meets on Sundays in the shop. We also have a community free thrift store, free food pantry and a space to host community gatherings and holiday celebrations. We offer helps and friendship to all, striving to prove the unconditional love of Jesus and pursue justice within a system devoid of compassion. Gail, Darrel and our son, Noah, volunteer as baristas at Joe’s and have relationships with many in the community. We also serve, worship and teach alongside others in leadership at the church.

Please enable us to do this work full-time by giving regularly to our financial support.


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