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Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Why this election year fills me with hope.

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Before we get started, try to put specific candidates and party politics aside and just read this for the broad perspective. I’m not endorsing a party or candidate here—that is not my purpose. However, I do feel that this election year is an indicator that positive change is not only possible, but that it will actually happen. With that said, I’ll continue…

I am hope-filled because our nation’s first black president is likely to be followed by our first woman president. I’m not specifically excited about Hillary Clinton, but I am excited that our racial and gender biases are being worked on in the public arena. Yes, we clearly have a long way to go, but we are progressing and we will get to a place where our default position moves away from an “us and them” paradigm and towards embracing the image of The Divine in all of us.

Another thing which gives me hope is that I feel Bernie Sanders was a voice from beyond the status quo who garnered a lot of support and fostered much productive conversation. I don’t think we can truly progress by choosing whatever we feel the “winning side” will be or should be. We must find an inclusive way to universal Good. I’m not saying Sanders was specifically that, but that he was evidence of that hope in our culture.

Even Donald Trump gives me hope. Again, not because of what he says or what he stands for, but because it seems he is a symptom of a broad shift happening in culture. It seems to me that with every lurch ahead, the last bastion of the status quo will rear up in a vain (but huge) attempt to solidify itself not only claiming “that’s just the way it is” but that it is “the only way it can be.” This lie is being exposed. We know that things can be better. No, we know that things must be better and if they must, they will, and if they will, it will be because we have embraced a new reality not yet fully grasped.

Ah… and there it is: a new reality not yet fully grasped. That’s what is so difficult. The world isn’t how it should be—we all feel it! And yet it never will be until we start living right now as we should. And that, my friends, is not a safe way to live while the status quo still reigns. But it’s the only way to bring about this new reality. It’s been happening slowly for centuries. Me, I’m tired of waiting—I want to be part of not just change, but of the acceleration of change!


Author: darrelvoth

Just a boy with some bread and a few fish waiting to see what Jesus is going to do next.

One thought on “Why this election year fills me with hope.

  1. So, clearly, I never expected a Trump win. Couldn’t imagine a man with such rhetoric getting our votes. My optimism is unchanged. See https://wordpress.com/stats/day/thevoths.wordpress.com

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