Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Liberia – part 2

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Liberia was very good for me. You see, my heart longs for Africa. I love it there. I feel myself come alive when I am there. This is the third time I’ve been on her soil and each time the feeling is the same, even though I’ve been to a different country each time I’ve gone.

Africa has a rhythm: a pulse and you can feel when you step off the plane. This time, the humid coastal air changed it for me slightly but it was still Africa. Usually the fiscal contrast bothers me; you know, the grand resort right next to great poverty. This time this separation didn’t bother me as much, all I could see was potential. Fabulous and amazing potential.

Honestly, over the last few years I have become critical and cynical of many NGOs. I was unable to see the good they were doing. Only seeing areas that I, in theory, would do differently. Liberia allowed me to see into the lives of people that have been helped in substantial ways. I feel like God is using it to bring healing to me in an area I didn’t know I needed.


The Liberian people have been through so much in their lifetime; first a long civil war and now Ebola. Yet, the people are beautiful and tenacious.




They are loved and cherished by an amazing God who wants them to live abundant lives in Him.

I’m having a very hard time describing the hope I felt when I left. Hope that one day things WILL be better in Liberia. Maybe it was the fresh breath that Ebola was gone. (Although it reared it’s ugly head once I returned to the States.) Maybe it was how good I felt about what and how the Bullers are doing. I don’t know, it felt bigger than that, like God was moving and empowering His people (both expat and Liberian) to do something great to bring about more of His Kingdom.



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