Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

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Liberia- End of the week update!


Well, it’s the end of the week and I’m short just $325. We will be purchasing plane tickets as soon as our visas are approved, which should be the beginning of next week.  So there is still time to give. I had a dear friend say, I can just give a little money. Hey, with $325 left it’s just gonna take a few little bits of money. Just go here: http://bit.ly/BFgive, individual support, 0287 – Darrel and Gail Voth.

If you can’t give please pray that this money will come in and that all the details will come together. I will be posting prayer requests as we get even closer and dates are solidified. I will also post pictures and updated when I can.

Thanks for coming on this journey with me,


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Liberia- Another Update


God working. And I just stand here in awe. I waited until this morning to update so I could check with our book keeper to double check on the funds. As it stands at noon, I only need $500 in the next few days. I can’t believe how you all have responded.  My heart is so full and the stories from this trip have already started. I can’t wait to see what He continues to do.

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Liberia Trip – Update


I am completely encouraged by our Father and overwhelmed by your generosity. In the past 24 hours, $1,450 has come in, that’s over half within 24 hours! I’m standing in amazement. I still need the other $1,250 by the end of the week but my heart is so full. If you were thinking about giving and haven’t yet, please do so. It’s fairly simple, click on this link: http://bit.ly/BFgive, Individual Support, 0287 – Darrel and Gail Voth.

I have scheduled my yellow fever vaccination, and have started gathering information for the Visa.

I am just so encouraged. I cannot wait to meet the “family” Pam and Eric speak of so fondly, see their ministry, hear their hearts and just love on their children.

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Trusting God BIG Time – Liberia trip


God has asked me to trust him in a BIG way. Our missions director at Beautiful Feet, Eric Guthrie (founder of Every Nation) had a change in his fall schedule and he is going to go see Pam and Eric Buller in Liberia. He has asked if I would come along.

You see, Pam and Eric Buller have gone back to Liberia with Beautiful Feet’s sister organization, Every Nation. (The two organizations share many of the same home staff.) I am so excited. Pam is one of my longest friends, I would say oldest but that implies we are old. We have known each other since we were three and we have walked through many things together. It would be such an honor to go and encourage her family.


                                                   Yes. Pam will kill me for posting this picture but Big E did it first.

These trips are vital to the lives of our missionaries. We go and listen to their hearts, see their work, pray and encourage them. Eric Guthrie also spends time helping them with strategies for the future.

So you’re thinking, “Okay, Gail, this is just a short-term trip, where is the BIG trust in this?”

Well, Eric Guthrie is leaving in a couple of weeks so I need to raise $2,700 THIS week. Every Nation, like Beautiful Feet, doesn’t charge an administrative fee from our missionaries, so that means even on these strategic, missionary care trips funds must be raised by the staff going. (We want to make the financial hurdle for our missionaries as small as we can.)

Would you please give to this trip? Go to our support page and give. http://bit.ly/BFgive, Individual Support, 0287 – Darrel & Gail Voth

Thank you so much! I can’t wait to see how God does this!

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Risking to be clean

Jesus had just left the Gerasenes after healing (giving his life back) the demoniac man and killing a herd of pigs, after which, “he was asked to leave.” After the chaos, Jesus has the long ride back across the lake to settle. He enjoys these rides, the creaking rock of the boat, the cool breeze in contrast to the hot sun, the birds and clouds overhead, the slap of the waves, he often dozes off…

They arrive at the dock, just down the shore from the fishers’ landing. And they’re spotted. Someone recognizes the group of disciples and their teacher.

“They’ve become good at picking us out.” Jesus chuckles to himself.

A crowd has already begun to form, but it soon parts as a high-profile, honored man is allowed through. Exuding urgency, Jairus, a leader in the local synagogue, explains the dire health of his daughter and Jesus is moved. He feels this man’s desperation and immediately connects with this young girl’s intrinsic value.

“We’re going with him.” Jesus curtly invites his friends.

Jairus leads the way—the crowd allows it—and Peter blazes the way through for Jesus (they didn’t, however, allow Jesus space)… they’re asking questions, offering a morsel of bread… Jesus feels each soul pressing into him as he struggles forward on his mission. He sees each one.

The woman also saw Jesus…

“If I could just touch his cloak, I’ll be healed.”

Twelve years and nothing has worked. She’s painfully aware of her own presence—hopefully no one else is—every person she’s touched is now unclean, just like herself. She feels so thoroughly dirty. But her desire to be restored is greater. Hope, inspired by the sight of Jesus of Nazareth (right in front of her now), causes her to reach forward between two others and grasp his cloak, just for a second. She stops. She doubles over with a severe, solid cramp… then… release. Not just the break between pains, but it’s over. She knows it to be true. Her face shows it.

Her face shows it! “Oh, no! They can tell… people are looking at me… Jesus is stopped—he knows! I’m in trouble…” Panic overtakes her joy… she has to come clean with what she’s done… Clean. “I’m clean. I can go to the temple and atone for my impropriety…”

She falls at his mercy. There’s nothing to lose—she’s accustomed to loss. Jesus is briefly confused, then his eyes meet hers.

He’s smiling…

Mark 5:22-34

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By the sweat of your brow you will produce fruit. 

So much of what I spend the majority of my time and energy on is intangible, invisible. It’s important and I enjoy a lot (though not all) of it.

For the first part of this week though, I have the opportunity to work outside. I still don’t feel great from being sick last week, but there’s something very gratifying about the physical labor that’s been making me so dirty, sweaty and sore the past couple of days.

It doesn’t require a lot of thought or create any stress and I can look back over where I’ve toiled to see visible, positive difference. It’s a nice change of pace.

And at the end of this week, we get to spend two entire days with other people who are themselves laboring to follow the Way of Jesus with their lives. Just another opportunity to see some fruit develop as a result of countless hours of labor—some of it invisible and some of it very hands-on, but all a privilege because nothing we do actually creates fruit, right? A fruitful life comes out of a holy partnership with the Divine.

This is the purpose to which I dedicate my sweat and my tears.

“May God be gracious to us and bless us and make his face shine on us—so that your ways may be known on earth, your salvation among all nations.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭67:1&2‬

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Focusing on spiritual health

I’ve been desiring and cultivating the contemplative side of my spirituality for a few years now. The other day, our mission director at Beautiful Feet, told me he was going to take a course on spiritual direction and invited me to join him. He came across the class late, so we had to just jump right in. I’m very excited to see what will come of this. I’m already beginning to feel rejuvenated with this fresh breeze that has blown into my life. Here’s a synopsis of what we’ll be doing from September into May:
Students meet weekly in a Christian meditation and prayer group practicing various styles of prayer together. They also meet monthly for spiritual direction with a HeartPaths leader. Students read and discuss key books in the field of spiritual formation, spiritual disciplines and prayer. They also write periodic reflection papers and prepare and present a closing project to demonstrate proficiency in organizing and leading a prayer workshop. www.heartpathsokc.com/#!training-programs/c24jx
The purpose for me to undergo this training is two-fold. First, this is part of what I do as a mobilizer for Beautiful Feet. My job has many varying tasks, but the main focus is people and is therefore extremely pastoral in nature, especially when you include our volunteer work ministering to the Valley Brook community at Joe’s Addiction. The second is personal. I have a very strong pull towards finding deep, lasting intimacy with Jesus and long for the unshakable serenity that results, but this has been somewhat elusive to me as yet. If you’re terribly curious why I would go this specific direction to find intimacy with Jesus, read a super-long story about why/how contemplative prayer has become an integral part of my life.
This accredited training program will take three years to complete. The first year is spent in Spiritual Formation, the next in The Spiritual Excercises of St. Igantius and finally, a Practicum.
Our funding level still isn’t quite where we need it to be. It covers our bills, but isn’t able to pay for this training or the necessary travel that we do for Beautiful Feet. Our kids and vehicles are getting older, our ministry is expanding and our income is simply not yet up to the task. Would you be able to either give one-time or begin regular, tax-deductible giving to our ministry?