Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

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No shoes, no shirt, no service.

One of the regulars at Joe’s is a biker named Jimmy. He always wears a leather vest and no shirt. A long time ago, Jude asked him bluntly, “Hey, where’s your shirt?”

“I lost it.” Jimmy tells him.

He and Jude have conversations from time to time. It’s so great to see this Harley-riding, no-shirt-wearing, long-haired man take the time to sit down and talk with Jude who sees nothing more than a nice guy who’s willing to spend some time with him.

Every once in a while when Jimmy comes in, Jude will ask him, “Have you found your shirt yet?” It’s really hard to keep a straight face when listening to conversations about where his shirt could be.

Well, Jimmy came in the other day. Wearing a t-shirt. An actual shirt. Made of cotton. Jude sees him pull up on his Harley and excitedly exclaims, “Hey, Jimmy found his shirt!”

These little interactions aren’t themselves of any huge significance, and yet they are. Transformation happens while you do life together. It’s hard for me to have the patience and see the value in simple interactions. I tend to feel like we need to be doing something, talking about something “important.” But I’m often reminded that those who put in the time are the ones who have the opportunities and the impact.

Lord, teach me patience and the value of “idle” time!