Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

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Spring ministry update

As I, Gail, sit to write this, I feel like I can really identify with the apostle Paul. My mind and heart flow to the ideas of longing to see you all and gratefulness for the consistent support you give us financially and prayerfully. We could not do the work we are doing without you.

I was honored to teach a lesson in the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement class held in Newton, Kan. and the surrounding area in April. It was so good to share my heart for community development in connection with incarnational living and a contextualized gospel. One of the critiques I received was that they didn’t quite understand what our ministry is: is it community development, is it mobilization, is it our work at Joe’s Addiction? They went on to say that this may just be our lives right now and they get that.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

This person inadvertently completely described our lives. We still have a driving desire to live on another continent to be able to help a people understand the way of Jesus so that he can radically transform their daily lives, change their community and impact their culture. We are actively praying and pursuing the right opportunity to do that. It is truly at the heart of who we are. Please pray with us that obstacles would fall and the way would be made straight for us to find our place. In the meantime, we continue to press into the call we have to help others get out there.

This spring has been filled with walking with people to Beautiful Feet Boot Camp, including a trip for Darrel to Missouri to help commission a couple whom we have walked with for the past year-and-a-half. We have also represented Beautiful Feet at churches, Perspectives classes and missions conferences. I was also the lead coordinator of NOMADS, our three-day missions festival here at Beautiful Feet, where we hosted about 250 people. We have heard great reports of how the Spirit used the weekend to motivate people to continue pursuing their role in reaching people with the love of Jesus both here and overseas.

Nomads 2015 at Beautiful Feet

One of the highlights of NOMADS is the baptism service at the end. It is open to anyone who wants to follow Jesus, whether that is to the ends of the earth or a first time response to His love. Again this year, commitments were made by people we love. A young momma trying to stay clean and get her kids back; a young man dedicating his life to follow no matter where after his fight with drug addiction; an impoverished young momma and her daughter who come to Joe’s regularly for help and encouragement. A woman who was baptized when she was younger but now with deepened understanding, truly desires to follow the way of Jesus. The one closet to our hearts was Lily, who wants to follow Jesus to India. She says that even though she can’t go yet, she can be obedient in baptism.

The months of May and June offer us a little space before Boot Camp begins in July. In this space, we’re going to make sure we have an opportunity to get away as a family to reconnect. We are finalizing who is coming to Boot Camp and begin to prep campus and ourselves for the intensity that the students bring. We evaluate and plan for the next year for our family and ministry. Please join us in prayer as we ask for wisdom for the next year.

Mother's Day

We continue to run about $500 a month short of our monthly needs. The Lord has been faithful to fill those gaps with one time gifts and tax refunds. Would you please consider helping fill this gap with either a monthly or one-time gift?

Thank you again for your love and support.

The Voths