Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma


*Spoiler alert for Wingfeather Saga, Monster in the Hollows

Oh my goodness… we just read chapters 38-41 of book three of the Wingfeather saga and by chapter 41, “What Janner Found in the Cave,” Jude was wide-eyed and and brimming with a torrent of interesting theories of what was in there and what Kalmar had been doing.

Most nights, I think Jude isn’t interested or even paying attention—Lily is the one who is really in love with these books—but when we found out what it was, he remembered what Janner had heard it say that night under the window. And he was adamant that Kalmar had done the right thing and that he would’ve done the same thing.

Jude: “Someone needed to take care of it.”
Me: “Even though it’s so scary and everyone else thinks it’s a monster and wants to kill it?”
Jude: “Yeah. Wouldn’t you take care of it, Dad?”


It’s late, so I sent him to get ready for bed and he just came back with a new theory… Jude thinks the cloven is just looking for a family. “The more good things I think about the cloven, the more I think I love him.”

What?! This five-year-old boy of mine is brilliant. Scary brilliant. And so frustrating to parent. Oh, Maker help me… I’m so inadequate. So much of the time, I’m just completely frustrated by my three kids, but then there are times when I think I’m the problem and that they’re just too good for me.

Oh, and one last bit of advice from Jude to Kalmar…”This is a lesson I need to teach him—and teach myself—don’t. hide. a lie.”

The Kingdom of Heaven indeed belongs to the children.

P.S. If you’ve not read these books, they’re really wonderful. You can find them in The Rabbit Room.