Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

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New digs

This blog began about a year ago with us looking ahead to a move. One January later, we’re excited to be moving again. Yes, moving again. And yes, actually excited.

As with any move, this one includes all the exhaustion brought on by painting, packing, cleaning, unpacking and figuring out new spaces for every one and every thing. But what’s exciting is that the thing which brought us here, our job at Beautiful Feet, will be able to happen more naturally and seamlessly from our new place in the heart of campus.

Currently, we are separated by a long walk and crossing a potentially dangerous road. Not ideal for a family with young kids, but it was the only place available when we moved here. With our involvement in events and guests this past summer and fall, we really understood the value of having our home right there in the middle of the life-center of campus, so when this opened up, we were able to happily agree to the move.

We hope to be in at some point in February. Come down and see us sometime!

Beautiful Feet, Oak Hill


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Valley Brook Vineyard, Sunday service

After our typically vibrant worship time (group karaoke, as John calls it), Jamie stands up to make some announcements and open the floor up to “prouds-n-sorrys.” First though, cancer has hit one of our community… Jamie talks of hope amidst fear…

The lady with cancer has a loving fiancé with anger issues he’s open about… this will be hard for them. I say a silent prayer for them that feels more like desperation than hope-filled…

Someone else is now sharing about Dixie, who fell and broker her pelvis and just needs visitors…

Another man is now relating events from the past couple days in his life, how he was thanking God for the moon that shines into the top of his tent so he can read and how he asked God to bless the children who gave him the nice new sleeping bag he’s enjoying. “Then I got a JOB!” He says. “A lot of people deserve a job, but God gave ME one.”

Meanwhile, another man walks in to the coffee shop, grabs a free pastry, hobbles over to the tip jar and begins digging out coins from his pocket, clinking them one by one into the repurposed glass pickle jar and finds a place to sit.

Now a lady is expressing gratitude for the House of Hope she’s just moved into and for the hope she’s found in this community.

Bettina now is saying she’s sorry that her water heater is broken and so the people who live with her don’t have hot water.

A tearful thank you comes from a man who experienced love and support from the community this past week in a way that was very meaningful to him…

A formerly gruff man takes his turn, reminding us how mean he used to be (everyone remembers) but that now, “God’s turning me into a preacher!” While in the hospital, he shared with his nurse what God has done in his life, “planting a seed” in her that would perhaps grow… Now he’s thanking God for his new truck which he can use to earn money by recycling pallets and scrap metal… “I’m not the kind to just sit around and do nothing, you know.” This truck is also his home.

A shakier testimony now by a lady on the other side of the room who is once again  being attacked by anxiety…

Jamie pauses to lead us in prayer…

As soon as the Amen comes out, the guy with the job offers to pay for repairs on Bettina’s water heater.

THIS is church, people.

I have a lot to learn.