Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

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Atypical day

No, that’s not a typo. There is little that is familiar about our days now that we’ve moved into full-time ministry, though there is a pattern.

So what do we do all day, you might ask? That depends…

Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings  and Tuesday and Thursday evenings Darrel, Gail and Noah spend half the day in class. I don’t even know how to communicate what Beautiful Feet Boot Camp classes are like. We have been ready and anxious to grow and to be stretched, but it’s been more of a challenge than we bargained for and better than we expected. We’re getting to know ourselves, each other and Jesus better and learning ways to sustain continuing and deepening relationships in all areas (though we recognize lots of room for growth there). We’re learning about the love of Christ and the challenges of living out of that love in the lives of people who are of a different culture than our own (or within our own culture, for that matter!). There’s much more to come – thanks so much for your prayers.

While the three of us are in class, Lily and Jude hang out with someone on campus. A consistent childcare person would be great, but we are depending literally daily on God and the community to care for our younger kids while we keep up with the class schedule. We’re very thankful for all the wonderful people here with whom we live and serve. No amount of thanks is enough for how they have come around us to love us by watching our kids, talk with us, help us adjust, work on our house… this is a good place and we’re very thankful to be here.

Monday afternoon Darrel spends the afternoon at Joe’s Addiction. Gail spends Friday afternoon at Joe’s and Wednesday evening, the whole family (minus Noah who goes to a youth group downtown) goes to Joe’s until closing time. The four-hour shifts are never the same. Some days are chill and slow and you make a few drinks, clean a bit, have some conversations over card games, and then other days the coffee house is full of tension, the conversations more urgent and peacemaking is an act of God in the community.

Saturday is a day to catch up on housework and homework. On Sunday, we attend church at Joe’s. It’s a beautiful mess of people who are all learning how to follow the way of Jesus, worshiping, giving testimony to failures and successes of the week and listening to the teachings of Christ. We generally then go out to lunch with friends and head home for a much-needed nap before we start the week again.

The mobilization part of our job here is getting a start, but our main focus is Boot Camp until we complete the classes at the end of the year. In the meantime, we are beginning to have some meetings and trying to find the balance in posture that will allow God the most freedom to use us as mobilizers not only for Beautiful Feet as a training institute and sending organization, but for the ultimate goal of seeing the Kingdom of God permeate every corner of the planet. This is the purpose for which we are being prepared right now.

No day here is like the days we’ve been used to previous to this, but the challenges and encouragements are a constant push into the heart, life and intimacy of Christ. Thank you so much for the part you play in your support which is enabling us to be here, whether it’s through your prayers, finances, practical helps or the occasional visits we have from friends and family – thank you!