Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Moving day


Lily's sidewalk chalk statement in front of our Newton house.

“Lily Voth lived here.”

It was crazy.

We’ve been preparing to move for months – it’s not like it was a surprise, there were just so many things that were outside of our control. I think that’s good though. We knew that all we could do was prepare as best we could and trust God for the rest. That’s not a comfortable place to be, but it’s a good place. It’s been a very emotional process, too, doing so many “last” things and leaving so much of who and what we know and love. But as has been the case, God showed His love to us through the community of people we have with us – so much love and generosity.

ready to load!

The morning itself had its own challenges – I took a wrong turn to the rental place and had faulty equipment that they had to trade out and wound up an hour late to my own move! But we had a bunch of friends who emptied the house onto the front lawn and were ready for me when I showed up 🙂  Some finished up inside and cleaned while others began loading the moving van. Gail and Lily loaded up the Suburban with our dog, cleaning essentials and whatever else would fit and left for Oklahoma in the morning to get the house at Beautiful Feet ready for us to unload.

Del, Tina, Jim

Our friends Doug, Tina and Jim really took charge of loading and did amazingly well fitting our household into a 16′ truck!


Doug endured the heat and cramped conditions to pack the truck high and tight!

By lunchtime, we were nearly done! Another friend sprung for pizza and drinks.

Jude vs. butter

Jude decided to open the garlic butter sauce all by himself.

Yet another friend let us load up the back of his truck with things which needed to be disposed.

Finally, we got to where there was nothing left for people to do. Friends began to leave with hugs and thank-yous until it was just me, my boys and my dad. We loaded my pickup onto the tow dolly behind the moving van, looked at the house we would never live in again and pulled away. The long-awaited dream felt strange as it became reality.

The boys and I on the road

I enjoyed the road trip with my boys 🙂

After another wrong turn, we grabbed a bite to eat and met up with our Beautiful Feet family to unload.


The truck emptied almost as quickly as the house filled up 😉

Lily tags her turf with chalk

“Lily’s rock”

We are moved in and fairly settled. The kitchen is almost finished, so we hope to be able to move into that soon and then we’ll be ready to begin painting. We could never have done this without the support of our friends. Thank you all.


Author: darrelvoth

Just a boy with some bread and a few fish waiting to see what Jesus is going to do next.

4 thoughts on “Moving day

  1. Loved the photos!! Thanks for sharing. Praying as you serve Him!

  2. I’ll never forget the emotions of the first move I made in life – this post brings back those memories. Glad you are getting settled in. One thing about moves and changes – and you know this already – is that life is richer than before when we move forward in His time and will.

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