Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Oh what a crazy few days.

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Last week went by like a rocket. It was hard to catch our breath.


We prepared for a last minute garage sale to give a final shove to all of the downsizing we have been doing over the last year. It was hot but people came and we got rid of most of our unwanted stuff. So that was fabulous but the bad news is Darrel’s mom injured her ACL helping us get ready for the sale. Please pray for her as she recovers and most likely will need surgery. We also had someone come and look at the house during the garage sale. The house wasn’t exactly in it’s prime state but they seemed to really like it.  People keep looking and we keep getting good reports but no contract, yet. Keep praying.


We quickly cleaned up from the garage sale for in the morning was our commissioning service at church. It was amazing to be sent out by a body that we have been apart of for so long. Darrel shared a little about what we are doing and then we were surrounded by friends and family and prayed for. The love and support we felt was unreal.


After a quick lunch, we dropped the kids off at Darrel’s brother’s for some time with cousins as we head down to Beautiful Feet to finish some floors. A couple of the guys on campus had spent many hours sanding them for us before we got there. We arrived late but got to work and, with some more help from campus staff, were able to stain and poly the floors within about 38 hours.  This project being accomplished determined whether we could rent the Uhaul for this weekend or not. So we are back, packing the house here in Kansas and preparing to move on Saturday.

Things are falling quickly into place. Bootcamp starts in 10 days. Trusting our Father to provide all that we need.


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