Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Plans for us to move to Beautiful Feet in Oklahoma by the end of June.

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Plans are progressing for us to move down to Beautiful Feet in Oklahoma by the end of June. We will be starting Beautiful Feet Boot Camp July 1 and are being commissioned Sunday the 16th by our home church, Grace Community in Newton.

We spent Memorial Day weekend and the 1st weekend in June working on the house in Oklahoma. The Thrash and Montonye families joined us and were an enormous help and encouragement. What amazingly generous families they both are!

Below you’ll find a quick look at what’s going on. Just skip to the headings that look interesting 🙂

By combining monthly support and one-time gifts, we have enough for now to move, but for long-term we need to connect with more monthly supporters. If you want to see a breakdown, check out the Support Our Ministry tab.

We were able to spend some time at Grace Hillsboro to introduce ourselves and our ministry, to strengthen some connections and make some new ones.

If you have a small group that you would like us to come talk with, let us know, we need to continue deepening existing connections and making new one.

Darrel’s job
I am working on wrapping up my job commitments with Bethel College, I anticipate being able to quit by this Friday, (crazy!) with the possibility of doing some contract work for them this summer.

House for sale
Our house is being shown once or twice a week, but we haven’t found a buyer yet. We’re praying for a Christian family to fall in love with the place and make us a good offer.

Where will we be living?
There is a small duplex that belongs to Beautiful Feet. The side we will move into is three-bedrooms, two-baths; the other side is one-bedroom, one-bath. A while back, there was a plumbing issue and a water leak that went undetected in the vacant side of the house – the side we will be moving into. The plumbing was repaired, but the damage was more extensive than they realized. We all knew the kitchen floor would have to be pulled up and replaced, but what we found was rotten floors, cabinet bases and sheetrock. We ended up having to gut the kitchen, down to studs and subfloor. We are now in the rebuilding stage.


More house projects?!
The help on our house in Newton to get it ready for sale was absolutely amazing. We can’t thank enough those who helped with their time, expertise and finances. Now we’re on to the next house; here’s what we’re doing and needing help with:
refinish a hardwood floor – being worked on by the Beautiful Feet home staff

new linoleum in Gail’s and my bathroom
tile the kitchen floor
new sheetrock in the kitchen – worked on by us, the Thrashes and Montonyes and finished by Beautiful Feet homestaff.

cabinets in the kitchen – coming
build a dining booth for the kitchen
build a closet around the water heater in Lily and Jude’s bedroom
install a door for Noah’s bedroom
fix some dead outlets/switches in the kids’ bathroom
exterior trim painting
interior painting

We are happy to put in the work to improving the house at Mulberry Hill for two reasons.
One, we love Beautiful Feet and are glad to help improve the property. No one has lived long-term in this side of the house and it shows. It’s not dilapidated, but is certainly is due for some TLC.

Two, we are going to be making this our home from now until God leads us somewhere else in the world. Our side of the house has seven rooms and seven different types of flooring and equally mismatched paint. There will be five of us going through all of these life adjustments in this little space. As a couple and as parents, we feel it’s important to do what we can to make our new home a place where we can feel relaxed.

So why isn’t Beautiful Feet just taking care of this for you?
One of the things we like about Beautiful Feet is that they are organizationally lean. There is a small number of staff, all have a full workload and share responsibilities to get things done. Beautiful Feet also gives priority to on-the-ground mission work – they don’t take any administrative fees out of donations and they charge break-even-type fees for Nomads and Boot Camp so that these important activities will be accessible to as many people as possible. This means their operating budget is adequate but necessitates a fair amount of needs-based fundraising.

Our housing costs to live on BF property is likewise enough to cover expenses, but not enough to fund a remodel. Beautiful Feet is covering the expenses related to structural/functional repairs and we are covering the expenses related to appearance/comfort.

If you’d like to make a donation to either us or Beautiful Feet specifically for this project, please let us know and either ourselves or someone with Beautiful Feet will coordinate with you so your money goes where it needs to go.

Just ask! We’d love to have you over or have an email conversation.
Thank you all so much for your continued love, prayers and support!


One thought on “Plans for us to move to Beautiful Feet in Oklahoma by the end of June.

  1. May the Lord hem you in
    Provide all that is needed

    He will do this and more
    He is the true and faithful One

    Blessings on your journey.

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