Darrel and Gail Voth

Directors of Mobilization, Beautiful Feet Missionary Training and Sending, Choctaw, Oklahoma

Everybody needed a break


Friday, it was time to just spend a little time enjoying being together. Gail and the kids are together a lot. Which means it’s not always very enjoyable… it was time to interrupt the regular busy-ness of life with something out of the ordinary.

And it doesn’t always have to be big or cost money (we’re going to have to get good at coming up with things to do together that don’t cost money!)

So we decided to make personal pizzas and ice cream sundaes. Everybody gets what they want, but we all do it together. And it was nice – a collective deep breath so we can keep going.

Noah's pizza

Noah’s being goofy, but he took his pizza-building seriously; it was all planned out and layered carefully.

Lily's pizza

Lily knows what she likes and she just does it. That’s how she rolls. Now, let’s eat already!

Jude's pizza

Jude thinks he knows how to do everything already and gets frustrated when things don’t turn out. Pizza is a pretty safe way to experiment. He tended to just tower everything in the center of the pie, because that’s what he knows. He started getting frustrated when everything wouldn’t fit, so I encouraged him to try spreading things out a little to see if that worked any better. He was pretty proud of what he made. And true to character, used all of the ingredients at hand!

So we sat in the living room with our pizzas and watched a documentary on India and then made ice cream sundaes before bed. 

It wasn’t anything big, but it was important.

A couple nights earlier, Noah facilitated a date night for Gail and I by taking care of things at home with Lily and Jude. He made dinner, cleaned up and made sure everyone was ready for bed when we got home. What a guy. Our son blesses us.

And even more: today, completely uncoordinated by us or our friends, everyone has something to do. Gail and some friends are out celebrating a coming adoption trip for a soon-to-be former orphan who will be come into his family soon. Noah had a friend pick him up to go play laser tag and a friend of Lily just called for no good reason to come to their house for dinner. My brother showed up today and removed a stump from behind my garage while I went out and bought supplies for our first work day in a couple weeks. And my parents just showed up and said hi. I’ve got plans later this evening with friends and I think I’ll take Jude out for dinner, just the two of us, so he knows he’s special too (because sometimes he forgets).

It’s easy to see the huge challenges all around us every day, but God is blessing us at every turn. Things aren’t easy, but God is good and these breaks and blessings will help sustain us as we travel this path God is blazing ahead of us.



Author: thevoths

Just a regular family wanting to live the extraordinary story of the Author of life.

2 thoughts on “Everybody needed a break

  1. Loved seeing the Joy of Life, love for people, and passion for walking with God- in your post- you guys inspire me =0)

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